Monday, October 3, 2016

Choose Yourself Review

Choose Yourself Review by United Service Leads
Choose Yourself : “HERE’S THE DEAL I don’t need to make a dime off of this book. The ideas in the book have already made me wealthy in many ways. What I really care about is that as many people as possible read this book and understand this message, even if it puts my own personal investment at risk. Here’s how I’m going to try and create a situation where as many people as possible get this message: I know nobody values books—or anything—that are given away for free. So, I’m not going to do that. This isn’t one of those ineffectual self-help books designed to look good on your shelf. You either read the book and use these ideas, or you shouldn’t bother. That’s why you have to front the purchase price. But, if you can prove to me that you have actually read the book, I will give you your money back. It’s an investment that’s all upside on your part. How do you prove to me you’ve read the book? Do the following: Within the first three months of the official publication date, do these two things: 1) Send me a copy of the receipt to There is a kindle version, a hardcover, and an audio version and they all cost different amounts. I need to know what you paid. 2) Then choose one of the following to send together with the receipt: You can write an honest review on Amazon or GoodReads or your blog. You can take a photograph of yourself reading the book. You can write me a testimonial or an e-mail asking me questions that show you’ve read the book. If you can think of other ways, that’s fine too. The point is: prove to me you read the book, and get your money back. Or, you can tell me to give it to a charity. This is the charity I will give it to: WomenForWomen International I’m a man of my word. If every single person who buys the book takes advantage of this opportunity, then I will make zero on it. But I’ll be just as happy because it means the message will spread and you, the people who read the book, will be helped. I know I was helped. This book has worked for me. I chose myself.” ========= “In the past four years I’ve begun writing about this practice and the steps I took on my journey back from the grave. In the process, my life has changed so much for the positive it’s like magic. It’s beyond magic, because I never would have dreamed this was possible. I’ve made millions in various businesses and investments (and not lost or squandered them), I’ve met and married the love of my life, I’ve gotten in shape, and every day I wake up and do exactly what I want to do. Not only have I seen the results for myself, I’ve seen them for countless of my readers who successfully applied the same principles I applied to my own life. I write about it in this book. I chose myself. And you will also.” Choose Yourself : Follow BrainFruit: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
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